We all know how frustrating it is to search for the things we need, especially when have less and less time each day, and all those reliable places we used to count on to find what we needed, are not so reliable any more.
We can’t avoid noticing that most web sites and paper ads used to be people oriented, meaning, every day people would post ads directed to ordinary people, individuals like you and me, hoping to make a small profit by selling something extra, used or unwanted.

Personals were simply that, people posting personal information hoping to find that special one, or someone real that will share the same interest and or values.

Seemingly that’s not the way it works now.
Many free classified ads now days seem to be full of scammers, recruiters, whole sellers, or spammers. Business or people taking advantage of free services designed to help everyday people save money and time.

Here at ez2fing.org our goal is to keep dealers, recruiters, holesealers, spammers, and scammers out.
Wile we invite legitimate business to come on board and become part of our easy to find listings, we insist that the information provided to the consumer should be free.
This web site has been created with the purpose of connecting people.

The ads are completely free for those how need them (browse or post at no cost); the information you upload in to our database can be removed at any time.
For the safety and security of our users.
• We encourage our users to report any suspicious ads
• We will remove any ad that has been red flagged
• No dealers, recruits, whole sealers, telemarketers, etc, will be allowed to post or keep ads at ez2find.org.
Ez2find.org reserves the right to delete any ads that may be suspicious or violates the terms of use.

We understand you have great choices to fulfill your needs and thank you for making us one of them.
The team and administrators appreciate feedback end encourage you to submit any comments, or suggestions you may have.
Thank you.